Quit smoking naturally using a unique and powerful system that works.

Bust the myths, find out what no-one else will tell you, do some strategic planning and then remove cigarettes as well as quit smoking from your life forever.

All achieved comfortably and easily in one relaxing two-hour session.   

Ongoing support if required and free follow-up sessions if life gets in the way in years to come.?

Live like someone left the gate open

She must have tried five or six times before she found Keren.

She was beginning to feel like a failure.Then she realised that she really did have willpower.

She found out what that little voice inside of her was – how it had been trying to help her.  Once she understood, it was easy.

Today she is free.  And feels really good about herself.


 If you are struggling with the pressure of a corporate career, juggling family life and trying to find some you-time, you probably feel that a cigarette is the only on-the-spot relief to get you through the day.

You probably also feel trapped.

Keren understands what you are going through because she has been there too.

And she also knows what will set you free.

Keren smoked for many years, and tried to quit many times, combining a successful but demanding corporate career, with family life and two children.  She wasn’t always successful in achieving a good balance, however, it did give Keren an understanding of what others are going through. 

Keren became a QUIT Specialist because she knew from personal experience how difficult it could be to stop smoking without the correct information.  She also knew how hard it could be to say goodbye to cigarettes – that one loyal friend who has been with you through the good times and bad.

It wasn’t until she experienced first-hand the heartbreak of how smoking can affect, and take away, loved ones that she finally quit.  This was a significant turning point that set her on the path to delve as deeply as possible into ways to help others to stop smoking with the help of quit smoking hypnosis and to find out as much as possible about it.

Keren looked beyond and through the marketing paradigms that have become so deeply ingrained into our belief system, that we have come to believe the things that we have been told. All of our life, and for generations before us.  From what we thought was a respected source of information.  But as you know, the things we are told through the media are not necessarily true.


Keren’s journey, and search for information, lead to many years of healthcare studies in a number of modalities, and a very successful holistic healthcare practice through quit smoking hypnosis with hundreds of clients.. 

Keren is a fully qualified and well respected Holistic Kinesiologist, an Accredited Reiki Master\Teacher, a Hypnotherapist and an advanced NLP practitioner. 

Together with her corporate background in training, management and empowering others to reach their full potential, this training allows Keren to bring a very deep level of knowledge and experience to her work with others, enabling them to achieve profound and long-lasting change.

Specialising in helping people to successfully stop smoking has been a very important part of Keren’s business for many years and has given her the skills, knowledge and experience to help you to stop smoking too.  

You can do it too.  It’s easier than you think.

  • Enjoy a relaxed and comfortable 2 hour session with Keren in a welcoming and confidential environment.
  • Share information that will give you some A-ha moments!!
  • Finish the process with a relaxing hypnotherapy session and bounce back feeling as though something very deep has changed.

And indeed it has!!

Cigarettes are no longer on your radar and you feel free. Finally, free.

If it’s time for you, you can easily book your session online by clicking on the “Book a Session” button below.  Also, if you put your details into the box on the right, Keren will get back to you with more information, and chat about what is important for you.

Quitting is as easy as clicking that button so just go ahead and do it now.

Oh, and if you find that life gets in the way at some time in the future, you can come back for a free top-up session.